The reason why you are struggling is because you haven’t got a Conscious problem, you have a Subconscious problem.

At TwoMinds Hypnotherapy Perth, we go directly to the source of your issue(s)- Your  Subconscious. You know what your issue(s) are, you’ve tried to fix it yourself and it hasn’t worked. The reason is… there is a Subconscious programming that is running. For the issue(s) to go away permanently, you need to get the Subconscious on board.

At TwoMinds, we use safe, effective trance to quickly, easily and gently help you overcome your issue(s) and you can be sure that you are in good hands. You are in full control and you are an active participant during a hypnotherapy session. Are you ready to be hypnotised? If you are, contact us today!

Pauline Ong
Pauline Ong

Hypnotherapy is an effective solution for


Are you finding it difficult to get rid of some undesirable habits?

Fears & Phobias

Do you know fears and phobias are very common?

Slimmer You

Plenty of fabulous clothes in your wardrobe but can’t wear them?

Stress & Anxiety

Living a pressure cooker life and about to blow?


Do you feel envious of women who go through this change of life with relative ease?


Wish you could sleep soundly through the night?

No, you won’t lose control…

You may feel nervous after seeing Stage Hypnotists making people do silly things but Clinical Hypnotherapy is nothing like this!

What clients are saying

“Highly recommend Two Minds Hypnotherapy. I have just started working with Pauline and all though somewhat sceptical about the process I trusted her because of a previous association she had with my wife. I can say my expectations were shattered and I now believe that this can work if you can open your mind and allow it to. I look forward to seeing the results and encourage anyone thinking about it to give it a go. Thanks Pauline for a very professional approach.”  — KHS

Open your mind and allow it to work

“Pauline is honestly amazing. I’ve had two sessions with her so far and I’m feeling incredible mentally and physically I’ve not touched or wanted anything sweet at all and been able to stick to eating healthy and also been happy and been able to see me in a different light that i haven’t in years. she is very sweet and makes you feel so safe and comfortable at all times. i would 1000% recommend her if you’re wanting to get your life back on track and hit goals you never thought you would. thank you pauline you truly are incredible x”  — CM

Get your life back on track

“I had my hypno session yesterday and I’m amazed at how strong and confident I feel within myself. I would highly recommend Pauline to anyone for any condition to help the mind.”  — NM

One session and I feel strong and confident

“I had my first session with Pauline on Tuesday. I feel amazing only snacks I’ve had are nuts no sugar at all. I’m actually sleeping better waking up feeling refreshed and energised. Highly recommend Pauline very professional and caring.”  — DHS

Wake up feeling refreshed and energised

“I dived into the world of hypnotherapy today with the purpose to stay slim and reduce or refuse sweet snacks. Pauline was my guide from the beginning to the end. After the session I was making food for my kids and was very tolerant to the chocolate browny that was in front of me. Yes!!!”  — TN

Pauline was my guide from beginning to end

“What an amazing experience I had today with Pauline, I went for a hypnotherapy session to reduce unhealthy food habits and I have to say it happened immediately! I have not made any bad food choices at all and feel confident that this will continue. Pauline is such a warm welcoming person, I felt totally at ease and will be returning for more of her magic soon. I highly recommend Two Minds Hypnotherapy to anyone wanting to delve deeper on their healing journey. I wish you all the very best Pauline, thanks again”  — GT

Pauline is such a warm welcoming person

“Had my first session with Pauline on Monday, and I can say with complete honesty, Monday night I slept like a babe, best nights sleep I have had in years. Thank you.”  — TGB

Monday night I slept like a babe

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