Research shows that 98% of diets fail. Most people can only stay on a diet for 6 to 8 weeks. Have you notice that there are more diets today than ever before and guess what? There are also more obese people than ever.

If diets really work, you wouldnt see so many of them coming and going because they wouldnt be a need for them. And does it ever surprised you that we are the only species that is confuse with what to eat? Every other species knows what to eat.

So, why dont diets work in the longer run? That is because diets tell you to restrict yourself, deprive yourself and human psychology tells us that the minute you deprive yourself of something, you want it even more. Diets also fail because they havent address the root cause, your emotions!

In order to change your relationship with food, you need to first understand what’s going on in your mind because you cannot fix what you do not understand.

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